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Author Topic: Bay Leaf under the Bed - Dream Interpretation  (Read 2973 times)
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« on: March 21, 2011, 09:07:37 PM »

I put Bay leaf under my pillow when I hit the bed, and I got this dream......well.... my dad passed away Mar 31st 2005. I had a dream that I was sleeping upstairs in a calm place and warning my brother to stay safe, I was watching over my cousins etc., I also heard a news in my dream that my neighbors (teenagers) suicided and that was the reason I was warning my brother. I woke up in my dream and went downstairs, where I saw my father was hospitalized and was sleeping in a place where there was a bachelor playing songs with lights that were bright and the whole place was too hot and he must have been feeling uncomfortable, I thought. I saw that there was a superstar who owned the house - Amitabh Bachan and he had a few kids and was watching TV with noise levels too high. I requested his wife to turn down the volume and they did and I told them my father is sleeping and that if would be uncomfortable for him with such bright lights. When I saw my Dad again, his eyes were bleeding. I told my Dad that his eyes were bleeding and he wiped and took a look at the blood in front of the mirror. I started to go upstairs to my mother. Could you please interpret this dream for me and tell me what this dream signifies? I also practice witchery - I know concepts of black mirror, candle and magic of many natures, both back arts and white witchery, please suggest something in lines of magic if I could do something and also could you Please interpret the dream for me..?
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« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2011, 08:55:59 AM »

This is a very interesting dream, it might be a little complex but interpretation can be done. I may not be the best candidate for this, but I'll give it a try.

Starting off, You were sleeping in your dream, watching over your cousins, when your hear the news of teenagers commiting suicide next door...
--Perhaps the suicide may be a future event. I believe that the close proximity at where the suicide took place means that someone close to you, (it could be anyone), will take their own life. The warning of your cousins may be you warning someone to be careful. Keep an eye out for this.

Then you go downstairs and you find your Dad, who passed away May 31st 2005, (peace be with him) hospitalized downstairs in an uncomfortably hot room with very loud TV noise and a bachelor playing music with shining light next to him. You tell them to lower the TV noise and you see your Dad's eyes are bleeding. You tell him this and you go back upstairs.
--This part can mean anything and what I'm about to say, may not be correct.
The bachelor with shining light, is an interesting character. He could be an angel playing music and guiding your father.
The loud TV noise; it could be you trying to concentrate, but you can't, so you eliminate the problem (in this case, telling the people to turn down the volume).
The heat: lots of energy flowing here.
Dad's eyes bleeding could represent someone close to you getting hurt, or maybe it could be you getting hurt. Maybe someone in your family might be seriously injured.
You ascending the stairs may be you moving forward very fast and rising above those around you.
There are so many things dreams can represent. The only person who would know better is you, if you think my interpration is inaccurate.
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