10. While looking at this energetic package begin to watch your breathing and

repeat the affirmations. When you are ready you need to allow this package to fully

enter your heart center. Continue to breath and repeat the affirmations.

Very soon you will experience a deep sense of peace.

When you do look into the eyes of the person and say:

"I have fully received your wondrous gift.

Thank you for taking the time to share your wisdom with me."

"I am most grateful for your gift, but it is no longer something I need."

Now look deeply into your heart center, repeat the affirmations,

and allow the energy you received to turn into pure love and light.

Now repeat these words:

"I have transmuted your gift into pure love and I joyfully return it to you in the fullness of love and joy"

Now imagine that this "new" gift of love is flowing from your heart center to theirs.

When the transfer is allplete say:

"I am honored to have shared this learning opportunity with you.

May all beings be blessed by the love we have shared today."

Thank them again and return to your heart center.

Focus on your breathing and begin the affirmations again. Do this for about 3 minutes or less.

Slowly bring yourself out of your meditation.

Stand up, and when you are ready bow one time and thank the universe for this healing opportunity.

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