6. When you finish replay only your portion of the conversation.

If you see (and you will) places where you treated the other person unfairly, were rude,

or just went on a relentless attack you will want to sincerely offer an apology and ask

for _mysticmagicspells.orgiveness. Prepare the content of your apology and imagine placing it inside a

beautifully wrapped package. Take this package and place it front of the person (in your mind).

Bow three times and each time say I am sorry.

Then leave. (Again in your mind)

You are not concerned with what happens to the package or what they do with.

You focus should be on making a sincere, no strings attached apology.

5. Now you will want to focus on the experience that you chose at the beginning. 7 DAY BANISHMENT OF NEGATIVITY facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail