Pluck from the roadside or some neglected plot of gorund an old and withered stalk of burdock burrs.

Pick off three round burrs, lightly, with catious fingers, and set them down each separated fro the

other, on a table of bare wood. There light three red candles, and carry to them the charm of velvet

earlier prepared. Unpin it and unfold it; then spread it flat beside the burrs, and set the three upon the

velvet's center; one by one whle these three verses are said:

This thine eye - I bind to me - This thy hand - I bind to me - This thy heart - I bind to me - Ever

and ever and forever.

Move the burrs to lie together, fixed and locked to another, and likewise all three to the center of the

cloth. Then fold up the cloth about them and pin it tight. This charm should then be locked away in a

drawer or cupboard, and not distrubed again for fear of loosening its bonds about the one so enchanted.

The Charm of velved mentioned above"

When the snow falls swift and dry, a cloth of red velvet should be cut into the shape of a heart as wide

as your hand. Go out and stand in a place where the flakes may float down frely; then hold out your

palm saying this:

Star, crystal - Silver stone - I warm thee now - To blood and rain - Nor shalt thou turn - To ice again

Return into the house, there breathing upon the snowflakes that cover the velvet until they have melted

into drops of water; then fold up the cloth into a briangle and pin it with a golden pin, so to remain

while every day thereafter the same words shall be spoken over it anew. When its purpose is

a allplished, the binding charm should be worked.

A CANDLE BINDING A CHARM TO BREAK A TROUBLESOME HABIT facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail