A CURE FOR THEmysticmagicspellsall magic spells, charms, talismans and herbal medication allMON COLD

There is a cure for the allmon cold! Take some ascorbic acid powder (vitamin C crystals),

mix a teaspoon in juice and take hourly until you almost get diarrhea (tolerance).

Stop taking it until the tolerance improves then restart the vitamin C, should be used at

the first sign of a cold, the flu, and allergic reaction of any infection.

Repeat until your symptoms of infection are gone.

This simple therapy works because vitamin C in mega doses acts very much like an antihistamine,

mobilizes your white cells and antibodies and, in general, clears out toxins from your body.

Colds and flu's are also blunted by supplements of zinc gluconate lozenges.

Other natural remedies for flu symptoms include garlic, bioflavinoids, Lactobacillus

acidophilus (found in yogurt), cod or halibut liver oil, propolis and Echinacea.

These may be used as an alternative for those who have trouble taking either

vitamin C or zinc in larger than RDA doses.

One study in adults showed that taking about 10 zinc lozenges (containing 23 mg of zinc)

per day reduced the length of recovery from the allmon cold from an average of 10.8 days to 3.9 days.

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