A spell to be performed on the new moon.

The length is for seven more days after the spell has been performed.

What you will need:

--A picture of yourself at your most low point or at an event that had a negative effect on you.

--Fresh mint leaves

--One black candle - ( black is a protective color)

--A new name for yourself- a symbol of your rebirth, a new beginning, a new you!

What to do:

At least the day before the new moon make mint vinegar by chopping the fresh mint

and putting them in a cup of white vinegar and sealing it. Let it sit for at least 24 hrs.

On the evening of the new moon, bathe in salt water for cleansing.

After your bath, do not dress yourself, light the black candle that has been placed on your alter.

Anoint your body with the mint vinegar and chant, " aye-oh" over and over,

each time saying it louder and louder until you are actually yelling.

When you have yelled as loud as you can and you have anointed your body then say,


Take the picture of yourself and place it over the candle and let it burn through.

For seven more evenings bathe in salt water and anoint yourself with the mint vinegar, all

the while repeating your new affirmation.

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