Timing between the New and Full Moon

Gather together these things which can be found easily in a store cupboard or any local shop.

-I red candle ( Healing strength)

-I black candle (absorb baneful illness. If you cannot get a black candle cover another red candle

with a thick black felt pen.) A quartz crystal pendant or any pendant with a stone that you feel

drawn to give your friend or a stone or crystal. A tiger's eye or any pretty stone is fine.

-Olive or any vegetable oil. Pinch of dried or fresh rosemary

Pinch of dried or fresh thyme A photo or something belonging to the sick person or full

name and birthdate. A paper doll in a easily drawn shape like a gingerbread biscuit figure.

On the front draw a small circle where the illness has struck to represent it.

Color this black. On the back write their name and birthdate.

Incense ( Optional.) Sandalwood, Rosemary, Lemon, Pine,

Myrrh or any other you feel invokes a healing smell.

Small bowl of rain, distilled or mineral water. Salt. (Sea salt if possible.)

Pin to inscribe candles Lighter, ashtray and a snuffer or thimble for candles.


Place pendant or stone in a sunny place and charge it with sunlight.

Leave it under the moonlight over night. In an egg cup or small container, mix

a tablespoon of olive or vegetable oil with some powdered thyme or rosemary

and leave in the sun and then overnight to infuse. Strain through some muslin

or a tea strainer and use to dress and anoint the candles. (Doing this charges

them with your personal vibrations and links them to your magic.)

Make a paper doll as shown above. Find a small table or box to serve as an altar,

cover with a clean white cloth and arrange the candles herbs and other spell allponents.

Getting Into The Mood:

Just before Spell to prepare yourself mentally, spiritually and physically


allponents: Place a pinch of three of the following kitchen herbs

(which are used for healing), into a muslin bag or the cut off foot

of a pair of tights; Rosemary, thyme. peppermint, bay or mint leaves.

Tie this under the tap as the hot water runs in and add two tablespoons of salt or bath salts.

(Optional add six drops of blue food coloring and a citrus perfume like lemon.)

Play gentle music and think about your friend and what you want to a allplish for her.

Immerse yourself. Dry off and dress in a clean white robe.

I use a white linen shirt my husband never wore.

Some prefer to do this sort of thing sky-clad or naked.


Go to a quiet and private place where you will not be disturbed.

Focus on your intent to help and heal.

Raise energy by using your emotions and visualizing a stream of blue-white light from

your index finger, wand or Athame. Cast a Circle in your usual way and call the Quarters.

(This can be omitted if you find it difficult.)

Inscribe the black candle with the pin with the name of the illness or write "Baneful illness.."

Inscribe the red candle with your friends name and birthdate. Add any healing symbols you like.

Dress the candle with herbal oil you made. Massage it from the middle outwards to the ends of

the black candle to "banish" and massage the red candle by doing it from the ends of the

candle to the middle to invite healing power. Light the red candle only and then the Incense

Visualize The Goddess in her Crone aspect. You might use the Morrigan or Brigid

As you anoint the black candle chant:

"Shrink and die oh cancerous bane, And take with you any pain! "

Do this three times each time chant louder until you are yelling out in anger the last line of


Invoking Chant:

"Dark Mother aid me and assist my fight

To destroy bane and sickness in my friend this night

Sever it's power as swift as a knife

To save a maiden in the morning of her life

May nothing evil return to me

I seal this spell and as I ask so shall it be...."

Take up the Paper doll made to look like your friend and pass it over the flame of the black

candle and through the incense smoke.. Rub salt on your fingers and then add a pinch to

the bowl of rain water. Stir water with index finger and say:

"Elements of air, earth , water and of fire, witness this rite,

I ask you to help me with a healing tonight;

I consecrate this holy water to the Triple Gods and Goddesses of both Earth Sun and Moon.....

I tonight to ask of thee a boon...

By your ancient powers to my aid

Carry the magic I have made!"

Hold up the figure, sprinkle it lightly with the Holy water and say three times :

I name thee ---- may all thy sickness and any thoughts of self-harm,

be burnt away and be forever gone!"

Now light the paper doll from the black candle and let it burn in the ashtray.

Continue the chant louder and louder three times so you finish with a loud

shout to carry away the spell to the Cosmos.

Snuff out the black candle This must be buried in earth away from your home

at the end of the spell and never used again.

Light the red candle. Take the charged pendant and or stone and hold it in your power

hand (the one you write with) Focus on all the love and feelings of friendship you have for

your friend and see her as well and happy. As you do this see the Goddess is her younger

aspect of a nurturing and loving mother.

Invoking Chant: Say 3x3

"Brigid , Goddess of Fire and Great Earth Mother, I ask this boon of thee!

Empower this pendant/stone as a Talisman and powerful charm

To guard --------name---- of all hurt and harm.."

Great and merciful mother a child of yours has need of your care;

Name ------ is ill and in despair

On this night and at this hour,

I call on the Ancient Healing Power;

To send the strength of the love of her friends to thee.

I ask by your merciful magic and my will so mote it be!"

Take the power of all the emotions within you and in your mind's eye see streams of

blue-white light flowing down your arm and from the tips of your fingers into the "Talisman"

you have empowered for your friend. Pour into it all the love you feel for her and the love

of all her concerned friends, tell her to hold it or wear it when she is feeling weak or sad to

remind herself of all her caring and loving friends.

Give your friend the pendant/stone which is now a healing Talisman filled with the power of

your love and friendship for her. If others want to help then incorporate their power into it as well.

If you Cast a Circle then dismiss the Quarters and thank them for attending your spell working.

Thank the Goddesses invoked for their assistance politely. Close the circle by visualizing it as

dissipating into the floor in your usual way.

Let the red candle burn out if you desire. Bury the black one separately in the earth

with any ashes from the ashtray.

You can adapt this spell and chants for different people , ages and illnesses.

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