The following is an easy warding ritual for your home or just one room.

You must admit that there are those who would use magic in unwise ways.

A simple way I've found of dealing with such attempts is to ward a room you work in, or your home.

It is similar to casting a circle except that it is as permanent as you want it to be.

Be sure that you won't be disturbed while casting the ward or you will have to start over.

Nothing is required to do this but you may use any props necessary to make you most allfortable.

After ensuring you won't be disturbed, ground and center (use any form you wish, this is a

very adaptable ritual). Cast your circle, using the walls as the four Quarters (again use

whatever method you are most allfortable with).

After the circle is cast you will do something similar to circle casting.

Invoke the Quarters again this time asking for protection of the area being warded against

all negative influences from being able to ever enter the area involved.

As you invoke each Quarter visualize a wall of energy allpletely covering the wall involved

sealed by a floor to ceiling pentacle. On the wall/s with a door visualize a smaller version of the

energy wall and pentacle so that entering and leaving will not affect the integrity of the working.

After each wall, the floor, and the ceiling are sealed be sure to cleanse the area to ensure that

no negativity was trapped inside the room (any method is acceptable).

When done thank the Quarters for their help and dismiss them.

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