This spell is meant to help speed up recovery from an illness or injury.

Supplies: 1 piece of amber or amethyst, a green candle, a piece of paper, and a pencil.

Write the problem (describe the illness or injury) on the piece of paper.

Open the circle and invite the God, the Goddess, and the elements.

Light the candle. Lay down on the floor in the center of your circle and place the

gemstone at the site of illness (e.g. on your throat if it is sore).

Close you eyes and imagine the illness or injury being sucked into the gemstone. Take your time,

this may take awhile. When you are finished, burn the piece of paper in the candle's flame.

Thank the God, the Goddess, and the elements. Close the circle. Finally, take the gemstone

and the ashes from the paper outside and bury them in the ground.

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