To be done on a Wednesday during the Waxing moon while in vehicle you

wish to protect while parked in a quiet area.

Gather: Strength Tarot card small piece of copper wire clover star anise

catnip white cloth white candle black ribbon protection oil

Rub Oil into Candle and with front door open place candle on ground and light it.

Working inside car, imagine a triple white light of protection enveloping the vehicle.

Sprinkle the herbs around the car, concentrating on the driver side.

Take copper wire and form the shape of a star, then place star on the center of the vehicle's hood.

Visualize a safety net alling from the star and encasing your vehicle as you sit inside it.

As you do so, chant the following:

"Taliesin, Merlyn, and Cerridwen, Protect me now, your safeguard send.

Help me see clearly, on every street. No accidents, no harm, I will meet.

Copper star, by my fingers made, protect me on this very day.

Keep me in your white glow, behind the wheel, I'm in control.

East then South, then West and North. All directions guarded from this day forth.

As I will it, so mote it be."

Place all herbs, copper star, tarot card, and drips from the candle into a white cloth and

gather it into a bag. Tie the bag with black ribbon and hang inside car, or place under driver's seat.

Another way for keeping the mind active and to bring on the hypnagogic images is to imagine ANTI SMOKING SPELL facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail