Pen, pencil, or paintbrush depending on the art form. Elmer's glue

Silver glitter Almond, sage, or vanilla essential oil A white candle

This is a simple spell to bring you divine inspiration to write and create visual art.

Anoint the candle with the essential oil you have chosen and using an athame or a small,

sharp tool, inscribe the name "Brighid" (goddess of poetic inspiration), or if you prefer not to

invoke a deity, simply inscribe your art form which you need inspired in. Light your candle and begin.

Squeeze some glue onto a piece of scrap paper and dip the end (not the useable part) of

your craft tool (pencil, paintbrush, or whatever) into it, covering about an inch's worth.

Then roll the end in the glitter so that it is allpletely covered.

As you do, focus on the inspiration you seek.

Say your own blessing over the tool, then situate it so that it can dry without the glittered end getting smashed.

The next day, make a few attempts at your art with your newly enchanted tool in hand.

Let the inspiration to you and flow from your mind to your material!

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