Autumnal Equinox Magic Spell

Autumnal Equinox Magic Spell

Traditionally, the Autumnal Equinox is a time for balance. A time to give thanks for the harvest and prepare for winter. Now is the time when the Goddess is getting ready to leave us for a while. Most of us today don't harvest our own food, but we can give thanks and prepare for winter. We need to prepare for less sunlight and colder days, which do affect us in ways we are not always aware of. Now is the time to do a ritual to protect our home, health and loved ones before winter is upon us.

Celebrate Autumnal Equinox!
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The items you will need are:

* The Bag of Autumn Gemstones
* A glass with a little red wine
* Three oak leaves (or the leaves from a tree near your home)
* One green candle and matches
* One apple & a knife to cut the apple

Do this ritual on September 22 after 6PM est and before 11:59PM EST. Bathe before the ritual and wear clean clothes.

Put all the items on your clean altar. Put the green candle in a brass or silver candle holder, have the matches close by. Arrange the oak leaves around the candle. Place the wine to the right of the candle. Place the apple and knife in front of the candle. Place your Bag of Autumn Gemstones in front of the wine glass.

When everything is arranged take a moment of silence to ready yourself. Light the candle and say:

I have a light in the darkness
A light for the coming days
I have a light to follow

Take a sip of the wine and say:

I find joy in all I do
I bring joy to all I love
Joy will flow in my life

Remove each gemstone from the Bag (one at a time) and as you do so, say for each gemstone:

The power of this stone will surround and strengthen me

Place the gemstones on the oak leaves.

Cut a piece from the apple and say for the first cut:

In the North the winds will be gentle

Put the apple piece in the wine.

Cut another piece from the apple and say for the second cut:

In the West the days end will cradle me

Put the apple piece in the wine.

Cut another piece from the apple and say for the third cut:

In the South the warmth be with me

Put the apple piece in the wine.

Cut the remainder of the apple in half say for the fourth cut:

In the East the Sun will shine on me

Put the apple pieces in the wine.

Now, take place each gemstone back in the Bag saying (for each stone):

Your power is now within me!

Pass the oak leaves one at a time just above the candle flame and then add them to the wine.

Let the candle burn out. Leave the wine glass with the apple and leaves overnight. Tomorrow pour the wine with the apple and leaves around a tree close to your house.

Put the Bag of Gemstones in safe place that only you know about. Leave it there until the Vernal Equinox in March. The power of the gemstones will be with you and anyone in your home for the winter. Next March take the gemstones out and cleanse them.

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