he idea is to lie in your token meditational spot - you know where it's nice, cozy, silent and
you're sure not to be disturbed for at least half an hour. and build up some processional
energy, try burning some frankincense incense or whatever works for you.
No circle is required. when you think you've reached a highly charged, powerful state
envision a cone of power going anti-clockwise (for banishing) like a cyclone above your
house, slowly bring the cone (which I think is supposed to be upside down - as in big part
on the bottom) down into your house and envision all the little nasty energies being taken
up into the cyclone squealing and kicking and being enveloped by the giant cone.
Drive the cone down below your house and deep into the earth and let all the little nasty
creatures out there, once you are sure nothing is clinging take the cone back up into your
house and go through the process again, a little bit stronger and more determined this time,
so as any smart little things can be washed out in the rinse cycle (lol).
Empty them deep into the earth again and let the cone rise out of your house and disperse -
Relax and feel the positive energy and the lack of negativity in your house.
Focus on these thoughts and keep the negative thoughts far from your head or they will
feed on it and possibly back.

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