beauty spell

You MUST BE SURE on what you want to look like, or you will end up looking creepy.

Ok, you will need:
1 Red candle
1 Pink candle
Lots of roses "any color that you feel like"
A tube of lipstick
A small {but pretty} peace of paper
A small {but pretty} box
A tube or holy water

Step 1: light the candles
Step 2: Place roses around the candles.
Step 3: Sprinkle the holy water on the roses
Step 4: Put on the lipstick
Step 5: Discribe what you wan't to look like on the peace of paper
Step 6: Kiss the paper
Step 7: burn the paper. whyle burning say " Make this me" 6 times.
Step 8: Place the ashes of the paper in the box and wright on it with the lipstick "Give me this one wish, to be a beautifull rose, not an ugly thorn."

This is what you will be like I said be careful. what you chose to look like is WHAT YOU WILL BE FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!

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