This spell is for binding a violent or dangerous person from doing harm.

Photo of person to be bound OR a piece of white parchment paper with their whole name

written on it in black ink or dove's blood ink.

18 inches or so of black silken cord or black thick string, like embroidery floss.

A small glass jar w/ cork lid. A small white candle A small black candle

Light both your candles. Write the name on the paper or take the photograph in hand.

Fold the paper or photo into as small a rectangle as possible.

Take the cord in hand and begin to wind it around the rectangle, for a total of nine loops,

saying aloud in a clear, strong voice:

I (insert your name here), bind thee (insert name of offending person here)

from causing harm to (insert name of victim here),

from exerting control over this person, from influencing this person.

I bind you from making further plans with this person.

I call upon the angels, Auriel, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael

(or any other guides or deities you prefer.)

to assist me in this righteous cause!

as I will, so mote it be.

Place the paper into the jar. Urinate into the jar & cork.

Seal all around the cork with the black candle wax.

Let the candles burn themselves out safely. Place this jar in a place where no one will disturb it.

Bury it if you must. I prefer to keep it on my altar (no one has any idea what it is) and send

my energy to it regularly.

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