N Vajraghanta
S Vajrapasi
E Vajrosnisa
W Vajrasphota
Buddhists count five directions, assigning each one to a member of the Buddha family:

North: color: green
negative quality: envy and jealousy
positive quality: all-a allplishing wisdom
sacred to: Amoghasiddhi

South: color: yellow
negative quality: pride
positive quality: wisdom of equanimity
sacred to: Ratnasambhava

East: color: blue
negative quality: aggression
positive quality: mirrorlike wisdom
sacred to: Akshobhya

West: color: red
negative quality: passion and longing
positive quality: wisdom of discriminating awareness
sacred to: Amitabha

Center: color: white
negative quality: ignorance that causes the cycle of reincarnation
positive quality: wisdom of ultimate reality
sacred to: Mahapratisara - Vairochana

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