Get a large white candle, the kind that drips wax, and set it up on a tray.
Affix to it a photograph or other image of the person you wish to bind.
Make a ring of sea salt around it. Make a second ring with protective herbs.
Fill the rest of the tray with images that represent what you are binding the person from:
pictures of your family, keys to your house, legal documents, whatever.
If the problem is too allplex for images, write what the person is bound from on slips of
paper and place them around the candle. Papyrus, or paper made from cotton or linen
work best for this. Use red ink if you are angry, purple ink if you are sad.
Wrap the candle and the image with black thread (linen, if possible).
Invoke Isis and Linda, the Binder With Linen Thread.
Say out loud what you are binding the person from.
Light the candle and leave it burn until the wax begins to drip over the thread and image.
Burn it every day for a week, until the image is thick with wax.
Use this as a meditation device to direct your will to binding the person.

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