The color of a candle is very important when working Magick or ritual.
Below is a list of candle colors and what they mean.
Black Meditation rituals, Uncrossing rituals, and Spells to banish evil and negative energy.
Blue Honor, Loyalty, Peace, Tranquillity, Truth, Wisdom, Protection during sleep,
Astral projection, Dreams, Water.
Brown Location of a lost object, Concentration, Telepathy, Protection of familiars, Earth.
Gold Cosmic influences, Solar deities, The God
Gray Neutralizes negative energies
Green Fertility, Success, Luck, Prosperity, Money, Youth, Ambition, Greed and Jealousy,
Earth, The Goddess.
Orange Energy.
Pink Love, Friendship, Femininity.
Purple Psychic manifestations, Healing, Powers, Success, Independence, Protection.
Red Fertility, Love, Health, Physical strength, Revenge, Anger, Willpower, Courage,
Magnetism, Fire, The God.
Silver Remove Negativity, Stability, Influence, The Goddess.
White Consecration, Meditation, Divination, Exorcism, Healing, Clairvoyance, Truth, Peace,
Spiritual strength, The moon and Lunar energy, Can be used to replace any other candle.
Yellow Confidence, Attraction, Charm, and Persuasion, Air, The sun.

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