First, you must recite the opening chant:
" I move outside the limits of time to work my spell
The dragons help me weave the universal energy
The things that now exist what I desire
The tides of Magick answer unto me"
Then, you need a tarot deck. Cards needed: Justice, The World, and nine of cups
Candles needed: gray, orange, indigo, purple, black, and gold.
Arrange the cards IN ORDER, left to right: Justice, The World, and then 9 of cups.
Arrange the candles below the cards IN THIS ORDER: gray, orange, indigo, purple, black,
and gold. Light the candles and after clearing your mind, say:
"Gray mists to hide what I must do.
Orange light to change my luck and give me power.
Indigo strength to stop gossip and lies.
Purple power to break bad luck and drive away evil.
Great black walls to protect me from my enemies.
Sun-gold beams to give me fortune and success.
I stand surrounded by these powerful lights.
I ask the dragon's help to succeed in my case."
Concentrate a few moments on the cards and your objective.
After this you must say the closing chant:
"My thanks to the dragons, great and small, who came to answer my call,
We wove the Magick, wild and free, And as I will, so shall it be."
Place the candles in a safe place so they will not catch anything on fire,
such as a sink or even in the bath tub, and allow them to burn themselves out.

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