Cathy\'s locket spell

This is a spell i made has always been very successful. So i hope it works well for you too! This can be used for ANY INTENTION, but esp. good for finding/getting over love. ITEMS NEEDED: 1 locket and chain, a small square of paper, and (if involving another person) (a small) something that person has given you. HOW TO PERFORM: please adapt this to suit our own needs. (I wished that i could finally get over someone i had been in love with for two years, but from whom i had never had my feelings returned.) TAKE the square of paper and either write upon it in a simple sentance what it is you wish to achieve from the spell, OR use a message from the person you are casting the spell over. (i used a message). Next place the item that person has given you, or a piece of that object if it does not fit (my item was a feather, so i took a few pieces off, you could also use things like beads, hair...), on top of the paper. Fold the paper, and the item inside of it, so it is small enough to place into the locket. Hold the locket to your heart and ask your deity to aid you as you place a spell on the locket; tell them exactly what each piece of the spell symbolises (for me the message was their personality, the feather was their gentle spirit) and tell your deity what exactly you want the spell to achieve (for me to end the hurt i felt). Tell them that this is your will, and from the moment you close the locket, so mote it be. Whenever you need your spell, hold the locket between your thumb and forefinger and think again about the purpose of your spell. Feel your energy flow through it and wear it (you only need to wear it when you feel you need it, not necessarily everyday). If you open the locket before your goal is reached then the spell will be broken. So dont worry if you have second thoughts. Once your goal has been achieved, thank your deity, and give the contents of the locket to nature (burry, burn, wash away in water, let away in the wind) you can use the locket again. Blessings x x x

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