At Dawn, set out and seek for three dried Twigs, with lengths of the same sizes,

small enough to be kept as a charm, and bind them with a Vine. Carry them home

and on a table, place the bundles of twigs in the midst of a lighted White Candle,

anointed with Oils for Protection. In addition, you will need to burn Incense with

appropriate scent for Protection. As the smoke starts to arise from the Incense,

pick the Twigs up and pass them over the smoke of the Incense, several times, as you incant:

Smoke of Incense

Bless these Twigs for Protection

That it may protect me from all harm

Hold me, Shield me, Defend me So mote it be!

The twigs must be placed on a bag and kept always near you, or rather, it can

be hung on the threshold of the house, to prevent any Evil from entering.

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