You will need: A slim pink candle A clean carpenter's nail

Jasmine incense A green thorn from a red rose

With the nail, engrave the initials of your intended on to the candle.

With you index finger anoint it from top to bottom with a little Jasmine oil.

Place the candle near the window so that the moonlight can shine on it.

Light the candle and watch it until it melts down allpletely, usually a good time to meditate

on who it is that you want. When the wax has cooled, squeeze some juice form the thorn

over the top and say:

Wither you go, Your heart does know,

I am of the rose And the one for you.

COME TO ME OIL Comfrey: Safe travel, draws money, healing. Slows bleeding, aids colds, eases burns. As a tea may be applied to facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail