Contact the Dead Spell

You need at least 5 people to do this, you must draw a pentagram or a purple cloth make sure the cloth is big enough for everyone to sit on. Now have your alter at the head of the pentagram. The alter must have a pentagram on it, with candles on the points, and your chalice in the middle. now have everyone gather round the pentagram on the cloth in the middle put a black candle for protection, and a medal bowl with garlic in it, draw an upside down pentagram and burn it and place it in the bowl with the garlic.
then take your chalice and fill it with red wine not white. Each person take a sip out of it and say protect us. when everyone has done this place the metal bowl and the black candle on the alter have a volunteer lay down across the pentagram with 2 people on the right side and 1 person on the left. have the other person lay in front of the volunteer and rub there temples, and say once.
"(say the persons name) Your eyes are getting heavy, you are going into a deep sleep, you see in your mind (say the person you are trying to contact) her mind is like an open book, read it to us." Then u should take 2 fingers and place it underneath his/or her body and lift him/or her off the ground. And then place them back on the ground. say the persons name who you are trying to contact and they should talk to you. After the are done talking the person should go silent that is showing the person has left. Then you should call the volunteers name and they will wake up. it might help to do a banishing spell after.

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