elements: Earth, Air
Planets: Jupiter, Sun, Mercury,Saturn,Mars
Best times:
thursday- for success, securing justice
sunday- for freedom
saturday- to bind a criminal, to limit someones freedom or bring them to justice, for protection.
tuesday: for strength in conflict
colours; ( candles , cord etc.) deep blue, royal purple red, black
number: 4 or 8
incense: cedar, cypress, frankincense, pine, sandalwood
plants and herbs: garlic( for protection, herbs of the appropriate planetary powers),
high john the conqueror root, st. johns wort (for invincibility), nettles or vines ( for binding),
Gods and Goddesses: Aradia (to protect the poor, and witches of course),
Athena (for mercy), Maat, Nemesis ( to bring justice to an offender), Themis,
The Dagdah, Jupiter, Osiris, Thoth, Zeus.

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