MONDAY/WHITE: purification, protection, peace
TUESDAY/RED: protection, strength, health, passion, courage
TUESDAY/ORANGE: stimulation, energy
TUESDAY/GREEN: money, fertility, growth, employment
WEDNESDAY/PURPLE: power, healing, spirituation, meditation
THURSDAY/LIGHT BLUE: healing, patience, happiness
THURSDAY/BROWN: healing animals
FRIDAY/PINK: love, friendship
SATURDAY/DARK BLUE: change, psychic ability
SUNDAY/YELLOW: intellect, attraction, study, divination
A "rule of thumb" to remember regarding moon phases is if your working is tailored towards
receiving or gaining something, perform your spell during a waxing or full moon - conversely,
if you wish to rid yourself of something, perform your spell during the waning moon -
for new beginnings, the new moon phase, of course, is best.

Davana {Artermisia Pallens}: With its fine cognac aroma, this oil is often used in male DAY IN COURT WASH facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail