A Tarot Deck 3 candles(One must be Red(Love) and the other two must be colors
representing you and your true love, I used Light(me)and Dark(him)Blue for these)
-3 stones(I used Rose Quartz, Tiger's Eye and Lapis Lazuli(SP?)but you can use
any three you want)-Incense(anything associated with love or whatever scent you
feel like having, not necessarily needed)
I did this during a lunar eclipse, but you can choose anytime you like, I would
r allmend a full moon though. (Open a circle, have a bath, meditate, whatever
you usually do before you start your work do now, I just thought over what I was
asking but that's just me) First, I placed the three candles on my altar in a triangle
around the space I was going to use for the cards and lit them starting with mine,
then his and finally the Red one. Saying while I was lighting them "I light these to
symbolize my soul mate and I alling together through the love that burns within us"
(if you're using incense light it now). Then I placed the Tiger's Eye stone in front of
my candle representing me, the Lapis Lazuli in front of his candle representing him,
and the Rose Quartz in front of the Red candle representing love. While doing this I
said "This for me, this for you, and this for our love" In the space in the middle I
placed the cards.(see attachment for illustration) I used "XVIII The Moon", "X The
Wheel of Fortune", "XI Strength", "VI The Lovers" and The King and Queen of
Swords(representing my soul mate and I) you may choose any two you feel fit for
you and your true love. As I placed down each card I said a short bit of my thought.
(Each little "paragraph" is what I said as I placed one card[in order]) I placed the
card representing my soul mate down first, then the one for me, then across them
The Lovers, then in the same position as the first two(upright) The Moon and The
Wheel Of Fortune, then across those Strength. During this I said:
I ask that my soul mate and I be joined together through the love we share I ask the
Moon for Her help in bringing us together and The Fates that have placed our souls
together I also ask for the strength to endure whatever may happen between us.
While doing this envision your True love with you. DO NOT pictures a certain person,
I just thought about being held in his(my soul mate's) arms totally happy, I didn't even
picture a face. If you picture someone the spell might bring you two together and not
your TRUE love. I then spread rose petals over the cards and took a walk for about
an hour(my mom was home so I left the candles burning, but I suggest you blow them out)
while the moon was in the middle of eclipsing. During my walk I thought about the spell
and my soul mate etc. When the moon finished it's eclipse, I blew out the candles and
thanked the moon for Her help. The next full moon I scattered the Rose petals in my
yard and threw out anything I wasn't going to use again.

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