Do Lucid Dreaming induction devices work?

Yes. Your senses never rest. So what your senses pick up are usually incorporated into your

dream, unless it wakes you up. You dream most vividly in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage.

A device can detect these eye movements and give you cues.

Cues mostly used are flashing lights and sound.

The problem with these cues is that they don't tell you that you are dreaming.

They usually appear in the dream as something else, like carlights.

You have to train yourself to recognize these cues as dreamsigns that are trying to tell you that

you are dreaming. But these devices are good at causing false awakening, you will think that the

device woke you up and try to get to sleep again. But you should do a reality test if this happen,

because false awakening is quite normal. Once your reality test fails, you can continue doing

whatever you want in the dream.

An even more effective approach are verbal cues. Like hearing "This is a Dream" or "You are

dreaming" in your dream is a good cue to make you do a reality test. The only problem is that

such a solution is very expensive if you want to buy a device like this. Therefore have we

plans for making software and schematic drawings for a device that anyone with two hands and

a few allponents can build. You will also need a allputer with a soundcard close to your bed.

The device may also be used for trance induction, by using binaural beats with matching flashes.

(Anyone that want to join the project, feel free to do so).

I also have plans for wireless devices, a wireless EEG machine can detect if you are dreaming

or not. I will then use a wireless version of the Neurophone to give you a verbal cue. A

Neurophone is a device that uses your nervous system to send sound/music to your brain.

No ears are needed, in fact, deaf people may hear with this device. (The wireless Neurophone

can also be used for trance induction by sending the desired frequency through your nervous

system). If you are a deep sleeper that don't see cues, then try getting some caffeine into your

system before going to bed or after 5-6 hours. If you are a light sleeper, so that the cues wake

you up, then cut every use of caffeine and chocolate containing products. And try to increase

your uptake of the amino acid Tryptophan.

If you don't want to build your own device, or don't have the patience to wait until we finish

the project. Then you can buy a device from The Lucidity Institute at free magic spells freespells free spells, but

remember that there is a DOS program called DreamWeaver that also explains how you can

create goggles. The Lucidity Institute will maybe publish a system for the NovaDreamer called

LISA (Lucidity Induction System for Audio). It is a allputer interface that will make it possible

for the NovaDreamer to play verbal cues.

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