NAMES: Dragon's Blood - Dragon Lily

Dracena means female dragon.


Planet: Mars

For : protection, inner power, love spells, exorcism, male sex magic Woody-stemmed plants

of the tropical eastern hemisphere. They have orange or yellow roots, a crown of leathery

leaves, and bloom with clusters of small white flowers. Propagated by cuttings or stem

sections, they need moist roots and a warm climate. There are many varieties, some of which

yield a red juice which, when thickened, is said to resemble the blood of dragons.

Most varieties can be grown indoors.

Dracena draco - Dragon Tree


Exudes dragon's blood, a dark red resin that burns with a bright flame.

Large palm-like tree of the Canary Islands that grows to 70 feet tall and 45 feet around.

The trunk and lower branches are bare; a rosette of thick, stiff, rigid, pointed fleshy leaves

grows from the top of the tree. The leaves, with translucent edges that are sometimes outlined

in red, grow to 2 feet long. It blooms with greenish-white flowers that look like clusters of lilies.

The fruit is an orange berry. Dragon's blood seeps from cracks in the trunk of the tree.

Propagated by seed, it dislikes isolation and excessive humidity. Dragon trees live very long;

a tree in Tenerife was reputed to be over 6000 years old. Ancient trees have a slight fragrance.

It can be grown as a houseplant.

MEDICINE: The tree has medicinal applications

USES: Resin is used to color varnishes

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