Dream Message

Items you will need
A Writing Utensil

Write on the paper the person’s name then write the message you want to send them then write the person’s name again then write your name. Before you go to bed put the paper under your pillow. Yes, you may fold the paper if you want. Now when you do go to bed say:

“I send this message, from dream to dream, (person’s name) I ask you to join my dreams, join me till we wake at dawn, join me, so mote it be.”

By doing this your dreams will be connected. Your message will not be spoken clearly as if you are speaking directly to this person but it will be indicated in the dream as events, things, or actions you do in the dream. To inform you since your dream are connected you and the person your sending the message to will both wake at the same time. Don’t worry if you don’t remember your dream that’s okay it doesn’t mean that it didn’t work. Blessed Be.

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