Easy Healing PMS and cramps Pouch Spell

Items needed: small pouch, pinch of lavender, a hematite stone (specifically good for period and blood problems), white ribbon tied in a loop to allow healing energy to flow, 3 small items e.g. Beads, sequins, to invoke the power of 3, paper and pen. ~*~directions~*~ on a piece of paper, write your wish using only positive language i.e. Instead of \'i don\'t want to have period cramps\', write, \'i want to be free of period cramps\'. Reduce this wish to the first letter of every word i.e. IWTBFOPC. If there are any repeated letters, remove them. Write this on a small slip of paper, fold 3 times to return healing three-fold and place along with the lavender, hematite, ribbon and 3 small items in to the pouch. Carry around until the spell is no longer needed. You can then dismantle and use the items again in other spells, except for the slip of paper which should be returned to the earth.

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