easy yet effective love spell

Day: any day
Planet: any planet
Time: anytime, but midnight works best
Supplies: a piece of paper about the size of your thumb nail, four red candles, a lighter or matches
Write your initials and the initials of the one you love on one side and the name of the person you love on the other side. Once you've done that, spritz the paper with perfume, preferably cassis rose scent. Place the candles in a diamond shape, representing the four directions. PLace your supplies in the middle of the circle. Call the quarters and invite the elements. Pick up your piece of paper and hold it over one of the candles. When you are doing that say, "As I drop your name into my flame(after you've said that part you drop the paper into the flame of the candle) the holes in my heart will finally mend and we shall be together until the very end. Blessed be." say this three time then release the elements and blow out the candles.

EASY WRATH POWDER easy, yet powerful love spell. facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail