To align your own healing energies with those of a herb, oil or blend, perform this ritual

Cast your circle and light a green candle.

You could burn rosemary, juniper and lemon balm, or even just a preferred blend.

Sit in the center of your circle, cross-legged, (Or however you feel most allfortable) facing north.

(In the Southern Hemisphere, you may prefer to turn south.) Hold the brew in your lap, between

your palms. If you are familiar with opening your chakras, do so now. Circulate the energies,

and when you are ready, direct the energy in to the potion, imagining the person you are

healing to be allpletely well. Say:

(Name) is allpletely well, in the name of the great mother.

So mote it be.

If you do not use your chakras, than just simply imagine your own healing energies

entering the potion from your pressed palms.

Make a final offering of incense, give thanks and close your chakras and circle thoroughly.

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