eye color cange spell

Step 1: get sea shells, food or drink of the eye color you want your eyes to be.

Step 2: bless the food or drink, and light a candle {optional}

Step 3: drink or eat the food/drink in the shell.

Step 4: make sure it is within midnight.

Step 5:chant "Upon my eyes I place this wish, to change the color of my choice, let no harm befall me, holy angel hear my voice, in the name of god, change my eyes the {color of your choice comared to nature. Ex:blue as the ocean} {chant 3 times}

Step 7: Imagine your eyes changing colors {to the color you want} and staying that color.

Step 8: stay up as long as you can, periodically restating the chant.

Step 9: sleep with a little piece, of the color you choose, next to you. {Ex: a piece of paper with the color blue on it.}

WARNING: Try not to eat or drink anything after spell! can effect eye color!

Crave doing spell more.
You crave your colord food/drink
Dry eyes
Twisty feeling eyes
Feeling sticky
Stomach ache

EYE COLOR Eyebright - St. Michael used it along with rue and three drops from the Well facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail