Sit allfortably where you won't be distracted.

Clear your mind and start by thinking about what color you want your eyes to be.

I get an idea of what color I want and I think of my face like a mask I am holding up about 5 inches

from my eyes so I can see behind it. Then I think of a light (like a flashlight) shining through the

eyeholes of the mask. It starts dim but it gets really bright and he light is the color I want my

eyes to look I try to hold that idea for as long as I can I see the eyes of the mask fill up with

that color and then I visualize putting the mask on and absorb it under my skin so my eyes

that color. I don't chant or anything since I find it to take most of my concentration

to visualize it and make it stick. I do burn a little incense sometimes but it doesn't really matter

what I burn it's just to relax my mind.

Mine last about an hour and a half for most of them.

Which for the most part I'm only doing them for special occasions (like parties) so I don't

need them for much longer if I do I can do a touch up in the bathroom (same Idea as

makeup touch up just visualize a quick zap)

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