Timing: Months of August and October. Moon in Gemini. Waning moons.

The number 8 to revitalize your sense of control.

For this spell you need some cardboard, feathers, bits of cloth, and other symbolic items that

can be glued to a flat surface. From the cardboard create a mask without eye holes.

Take a moment to focus on the thing that causes you fear, them portray that fear on the mask,

literally or symbolically, using the allponents gathered. Allow you anxiety to pour out of your

hands into the guise.

Next, tie a string to each end of the mask so that you can wear it.

For a moment, imitate the thing you fear. Do this with sound, movement, or whatever feels right.

Then stop, and realize that fear is not your master, it does not control you actions.

Feel resentment towards that fear.

Let those emotions build in one hand until you must tear the fear away (remove the mask).

Finally, tear up, burn, or otherwise destroy the mask and the misgivings.

To this action a verbal allponent such as

"Fear by gone, all fear erased, by confidence is now replaced.

Fear I banish, no more in me, for now my eye's are clear to see

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