Fertility spell

Fertility spell

Clean the stone by washing it in saltwater and rinse it in cool clear water. Dry it. Now light the candle, dedicating it to a fertility goddess such as Anu or Demeter. Write on the sheet of paper exactly what you hope for from the spell. (such as, " I want to give birth to a healthy child in the next 2 years").

Drip six drops of candle wax around your written statement. Now drip six drops of candle wax on your stone. Fold the stone up in the paper, folding the paper six times. Now seal the paper with wax from the candle.

Once the stone is folded and sealed in the paper, hold it in your hands and say six times:

Give us your blessing, goddess of fertility,
Bring us a child who is healthy and happy.
Blessed bees, so shall it be!

Now bury the wax sealed packet under the east side roots of a fruit bearing tree.

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