For Blessing Appliciances

Whenever you get a new appliance, bless it to remove any evil spirits it may harbor and to make certain that it doesn't break down. To start the blessing ritual, clean the item thoroughly. Next measure out a teaspoon of olive oil and add to it a pinch of salt and a pinch of your favorite spice. Anoint the object by allowing a drop of the oil mixture to fall on it. (The oil is likely to stain. so choose a hidden area.) Rub the rest of the mixture on a light blue candle, working from the center to either end. Then burn the candle down to its socket. This basic ritual can be used on any appliance. However, you may vary the rite slightly to increase its power over a specific object. For example:

To bless a stove, light all the burners and the oven; then dab a little bit of the salt and oil mixture on each while saying:

"Cook food well and serve us long.
Bring us health and make us strong."

To keep the spell in effect, sprinkle a little salt on a lit burner each Monday morning.

To bless a washing machine, add a drop of distilled water to the oil mixture. Anoint the machine and candle in the prescribed way; then light the candle; put it on top of the machine and say:

"All dirt and soil away do roll.
Cleanse us both in body and soul."

For a small appliance, anoint both it and the candle. Place the candle as above; light it and say:

I bid you welcome to our home. It's here that you will dwell. I'll tend to you; you'll tend to me. And serve this family well.

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