Get the inner soles out of your lovers shoes (yeah ya might have to snag an old pair or buy him some

Dr. Scholes "insoles" shoe cushions or something that you can get your hands on later) Write your

name on a piece of paper, Write his name on another piece of paper (be creative here like use pink

paper cut into heart shapes or wedding images ect) Place the two pieces together so the names are

facing each other, Using 5 new needles (the kind with the gold eye are the best) pin the two pieces of

paper together, Wrap the papers with strands of corn silk, then sandwich the papers between the soles

you got from his shoes, Wrap the soles tightly with yellow or gold thread, keep this near you, in a closet

or under a mattress etc. Burn a white and yellow candle for one hour every day for 5, 10 or 25 days.

(this would be a good time to do the writing of your "married" name like I mention below)

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