Take a pumpkin, empty it but leave some seeds in it, write your lovers name on a brown piece of

paper, place in the bottom of the pumpkin with 5 fish hooks. Cover the paper and hooks with honey,

then sprinkle with cinnamon. Then on top of that carefully place 5 egg yokes. Over that CAREFULLY

cover it all with cooking oil, want to try and keep the layers though some stuff will float.

Once you have filled the pumpkin with the oil (fill it to about 2 inches below the top of the pumpkin.

You now need to get 5 of those floating wicks (you know for floating candles) Light the wicks and

let burn for one hour, repeat the lighting and burning for one hour for 5 days (so make sure you have

enough oil in there) After 5 days go to a river with it (again this is directed to

Oshun, ( if you use another Goddess/Spirit you may want to adapt this spell)

Offer the pumpkin to Oshun with 5 cents.

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