When someone drops in on you at an inconvenient time, you can make him want to leave your house with this spell. Take your trusty broom put it, with the handle facing the visitor, behind the door of an adjoining room. Soon the person will feel very uncomfortable and leave.
(This is a one-day spell only; the next day the person regains his usual desire to visit you.)

To cut out someone's visits entirely, cast this spell. At midnight, put your broom across the threshold of the door the visitor uses and say:

"Guard well this threshold.
Guard well this door.
Make sure that (the visitor)
Will cross it no more."

To discourage a suitor you don't like, meet him at your threshold with an open pair of scissors (or pinking shears, garden shears, etc.). Find some pretext to hand them to him, cutting side first. He'll soon lose all interest in you.

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