Force One to Sell You Real Estate

You will need:

1 Black Cross Candle
1 White Twenty Third Psalm Jar Candle
1 Saint Martha Dominadora Candle
HB As You Please Oil or Mysteria Compelling Oil
HB High Altar Oil or Mysteria Blessed Oil
Mt Carmel Brand Martha Dominadora Perfume
Selena Brand Venceador (Conqueror) Bath
Mistic Brand Bendover Incense Powders
Mistic Brand Jalop Sachet Powders
Licorice Root
Calamus Root
High John the Conqueror Root Slices
Black Pepper
A pinch of dirt from the property you desire to purchase
1 cup of Non-Iodized Salt
Parchment Paper
A Red Ink Pen
A Black Ink Pen
Incense Burner and Charcoal
A large White Heat Resistant Plate
A Needle or Toothpick to mark the Candle

This work must begin on a Tuesday - the day sacred to Saint Martha. It must sit out on your altar or workspace for nine consecutive days.

Begin early on Tuesday morning at least one hour before the Sun rises. Fill a tub or basin with hot water and add one half of the Venceador Bath. Using a cup, pour the water over your head nine times. Each time say,

"Saint Martha. I resort to thy aid and protection." "As thou didst overcome the dragon I ask thee to force [insert name of difficult property owner] to come before me and bend to my will."

Once this step is completed, use a cloth to wipe upwards on the body with the water in the tub. Step out and air dry. Dress and go to the crossroads closest to the property in question and throw some of the bath water over your left shoulder without looking back. Return home and set up altar as follows:

On the Parchment Paper, write the name of the Property Owner nine times in Black Ink. Carve the name of the Property Owner into the Black Cross Candle. Carve the words I Dominate on this candle also. Turn the cross candle upside down and dress with As You Please Oil or Compelling Oil. Dust it lightly with Jalop Sachet Powders.

Carve the name of the person you wish to command inside the Saint Martha Dominadora Candle. Also carve the address of the property you wish to purchase. Anoint the inside of the candle with Martha Dominadora Perfume in a clockwise fashion. Sprinkle this candle lightly with the dirt from the property and a pinch of Jalop Sachet Powders.

Anoint the White Candle with the Blessed or High Altar Oil.

Light your Charcoal and begin sprinkling Bendover Incense Powders onto the tablet. Keep the incense burning the entire time you set this work.

Sit the dressed White Candle on the left of your altar or work space. Place the dressed Black Cross Candle in the center - on the plate. Place the dressed Saint Martha candle to the right.

Take the Parchment Paper you wrote the person's name on and spit on it three times. Wad it up into a ball and pass it through the incense fumes. Say "With smoke I dominate [person's name] to sell me the property at [insert address]. Place the petition on a plate with the Black Cross Candle and light the candle. Then light the Saint Martha candle and repeat the above request to Saint Martha:

"Saint Martha. I resort to thy aid and protection." "As thou didst overcome the dragon I ask thee to force [insert name of difficult property owner] to come before me and bend to my will."

Now light the dressed White Candle and call the names of Seven Saints, Seven Archangels or Seven African Powers to shield and protect you will you work. .Say the Twenty Third Psalm.

Now, place the John the Conqueror Root Chips onto the the plate, saying, "[Property Owner's name], as John the Conqueror rules, so I rule you."

Place the Licorice Root Chips in the plate and say, "[Property Owner's name], From this day onward, your words and actions will be sweet towards me."

Place the Calamus Root Chips in the plate and say, "[Property Owner's name], from this day onward, you will do as I say in regards to the property at [state address]. "

when completed, pinch (do not blow) the three candles out .

For the next eight days, burn the candles 17 minutes and light some of the incense powders. Say the following novena to Saint Martha nine times and anoint yourself with the Saint Martha Perfume. Then restate your desire every day over the candle and command the person to do your will. Pinch (do not blow) the candles out .

Saint Martha, I resort to thy aid and protection.
As proof of my affection and faith,
I offer thee this light.
Comfort me in all my difficulties
and through the great favors thou didst enjoy
when the Savior was lodged in thy house,
intercede for me, that I be provided for in my necessities.
I ask of thee, Saint Martha,
to overcome all difficulties
as thou didst overcome the dragon
which thou hadst at thy feet.
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

On the 9th day, light the incense and candles as before, but when you have said the recitation, take the name-paper from the plate. Un-wad the paper and write your full name 9 times in red ink over the name - crossing it. Anoint the corners of the paper with the As You Please or Compelling Oil and fold the paper toward you, turn it and fold towards you again, saying, "Thus shall it be done!"

Wrap the candle remnants in brown paper. Take the remaining Venceador bath - add the root chips from plate. Mix the Salt, Black Pepper and remaining Bendover Incense Powders and Jalop sachet Powders in a zip lock or other bag. Go to the property and pour the bath and roots in the center. Bury the candle remnant.

Walk to the back of the property and from the left corner move to the right and begin sprinkling the salt/powders mixture. Walk backwards and out the front. Reserve some of the powder to sprinkle at several crossroads as you return to your home. Bury the name paper under your front door. Pray daily to Saint Martha to complete the work within nine Tuesdays. Continue wearing her perfume until your request is fulfilled.

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