Special tools: Cauldron filled with salt water
Altar Devotion
Cast the circle
Invocation of the Goddess
I greet the Lady and call upon thee Mighty Mother of us all, bringer of all fruitfulness.
I ask you, Mother, to descend upon my circle and reside within me, thy priest/ess.
Invocation of the God
I call upon thee O Great Father, Sun and Consort of the Mother ,who brings her light and warmth.
forth Mighty Horned One. Live now within the body of this thy priest/ess.
Anoint forehead with salt water "I cleanse my thoughts that they might be pure and honest -
grant that they always be pleasing to the God and Goddess."
Anoint throat
"I cleanse my voice that all that I say might be for good and naught for ill or harm."
Anoint heart
"I cleanse my heart that it might be open, giving and full of light. Grant that I might give
freely of my love and care to others."
Anoint hands
"I cleanse my hands that I might use them for workings of good, to help and never to harm."
Anoint feet
"I cleanse my feet that they might take me far in life, that my journeys may be filled with love,
light, peace and the joy of the Goddess and God."
Meditation for a time.
Cakes and Wine (eating bread and drinking wine or juice to restore energies spent during ritual)
Release the circle, thank the God and Goddess.

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