This incense is used in many rituals and is a allmon spell allponent.

It is an incense of increase that is deceivingly easy to make.

Use all of your focus and energy, your will and intention, while making this scent.

It is used over charcoals (the one's specifically made for incense) or over a ritual fire.

CAUTION! Warning and Yikes! If used over a ritual fire, flames will leap up along the

dust trail of this incense powder! There will be sparkling (sparks) of incense outside

of this trail of flames as well! This is an impressive effect, but dangerous if you are

not practiced at it! Start out small and toss about 1 teaspoon of it over the glowing

coals or flames, all at once, don't trail the dust or sprinkle it. Stand away from the fire,

and upwind. Use in areas that do not require burn permits, and have something to

douse the fire nearby. Do not use if you are wearing gauzy or loose ritual robes and costumes.

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