You will need:
red cayenne pepper sea salt matches 1 small candle nine pennies
Empty out two-thirds of the pepper from its bottle. Fill the bottle a third full of sea salt.
Break the heads off the matches and use the heads to fill the jar almost to the top.
Match heads contain sulfur, a magical element used by witches to scatter negative force.
Sea salt is for cleansing and cayenne pepper makes things u allfortable for people who try to harm you.
Write the name of the person you want away from you on a small piece of paper.
(If you have a signature, even better.) Insert the paper into the jar. Close the lid tightly.
For nine days in a row beginning ten days before the new moon, shake the bottle as
many times a day as you feel inclined to do so. Visualize this person moving away from you.
On the ninth day rub the lid of the jar with the wax of the candle. (Any color is ok but black is best.)
Take the jar to the closest river and throw it in.
Throw nine pennies over your shoulder and don't look back.

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