Good Luck Employment Herbs

Alfalfa: Kept in the home to protect the owner against poverty.

Basil: Soak a heaping teaspoonful in a pint of water. This water is then sprinkled in a place of business to attract money and success. If you have a job interview coming up, you can sprinkle this outside of the building where you hope to be employed (careful though - if someone sees you it won't help your job prospects very much!).

Cascara Sagrada: Used to help win court cases when brewed into a strong tea and sprinkled around the bed the night before a court appearance.

Chamomile: Brew and use as a hand wash before playing card games or gambling.

Dragon's Blood Reed: Carry in your purse or pocket for good luck. Here's a new one on me - supposedly if you place it under your mattress it aids in curing impotency.

Galangal Root: One of these carried to court is said to make the judge/jury feel favorably inclined toward you.

Irish Moss: Ah, me friends, 'tis said that if one places this under the carpets in their home that it will bring vast fortune.

John The Conqueror Root: Just before going out to play a game of chance, wash your hands in water in which it has been boiled.

Little John: Place one in Holy water to bring good luck to everything you attempt.

Low John Root: It is said that if one wraps money around this root the money will multiply threefold.

Silver Leaf: A potent good luck charm when kept in the home.

Violets: Sprinkle some petals in the corners of your home. It is said to invite positive entities that can assist with healing and bringing money and luck unto you.

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