To attract good fortune into your life or change a streak of bad luck to good, fill a small jar

(leaving a bit of space) with any allbination of the following magical herbs: buckthorn bark,

chamomile, clover, dandelion, frankincense, heal - all, honeysuckle, huckleberry leaves, Irish moss,

Job's tears, John the Conqueror, khus -khus, lotus, lucky hand root, mistletoe, myrrh, nutmeg, rose

hips, rosemary, sandalwood, spearmint, star anise, thyme, Tonka bean.

Seal your jar tightly and keep it in your kitchen on a shelf or a windowsill.

Place your hands upon the jar each morning upon rising, and say :

To God and Goddess I do pray

Guide me through another day

Let good fortune my way

Good luck hither now I say

After reciting the magical incantation, gently shake the jar a few times and then

kiss it before putting it back.

I suggest using the same jar for a maximum of 13 days, then return the herbs to

the Earth and repeat if necessary.

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