In Hecate's name we bind ____ to the flame
May she bring nightmares, depression, and pain
We cast ____ to the wind, that all know ____ shame
May Hecate envelope ____ in the threefold law
May all _mysticmagicspells.orget ____'s shame, their harm, their call
May their ability to raise magic fall on deaf walls
We join our energies fellow friends in the Craft
May Hecate stop ___'s harm in the future, , light it and chant 3 times:
"by my voice carrying the sound
*person's name* shall now be bound"

Guiacac Wood {Bulnesia Sarmienti}: A very useful oil for helping with the menopause. HAIR MAGICK TO MAKE YOURSELF ATTRACTIVE facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail