G/P/E: masculine, Mars, Fire.

Magical attributes: Happiness, prosperity, protection, to attract Faeries, protection from lightning.

History/Uses: The history of hawthorn is rich with lovely folklore. At wedding feasts in Athens,

guests often carried a sprig to ensure joy for the new couple. In Rome, a twig of hawthorn

was often attached to the cradle of a newborn to protect it, and in time of the Crusades,

a knight would offer his lady a bit of this tree with a pink ribbon tied to it as a token that he

would live, hoping for his return to her. In Christianity it is believed that the crown of thorns

was made out of hawthorn. The therapeutic properties of this tree are no less magnificent.

It is a great regulator of blood pressure and has excellent sedative effects.

The infusion proportions are one teaspoon of fresh petals per cup of water twice a day

(or just at night for insomnia). It is said where oak, ash, and hawthorn grow together,

you can see Faeries!

HATIAN LOVER OIL (FOR MEN ONLY) Hazel: Sacred to witches and the Celtic sea god Manannan. facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail