Gather 3 black candles and places them in a triangular pattern around yourself.

Sit in the middle of them and have them all lit.

Burn 3 sticks of Dragon's Blood incense and place them beside the three candles.

Take a piece of paper and write everything that has happened in the past and fold it up.

Get a white candle and get that burning and set the folded piece of paper burning.

Say out loud:

Goddess I pray, take this pain away. Into the light, away from the dark.

God I pray, bury this pain. Cradle it in the internal dark.

From the sun, to the moon. From the earth, to the stars.

From the fires, to the waters. Into the carefree wind.

Bring me into the light, away from the dark. Make me pure, make me free.

By the grace of the heavens. So mote it be.

Channel all negative energy that is left into the three black candles and let the positive

energy from the white candle fill you up. Have the black candles burn all the way out

and bury them at three points on your property in a triangle pattern.

Gather the ashes and set them in the middle of the triangle.

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