You will need 7 candles. One white for the Lady, one yellow for the Lord.

One orange for encouragement and attraction, one for yourself according to your astral

color, and three red candles for strength and health. You can burn some type of light

incense if you like. Light the Lord and Lady candles first then light the incense.

Sit for a few moments and think of goodness and health alling into you.

Light the petitioner's candle and picture the person and say:

Here is ________ in excellent health.

Blessings from the Lord & Lady be upon him.

Light the orange candle and say:

This flame draws all that is good to _________.

It draws health and strength and all he desires.

Light red candles saying:

Here is health and strength three fold.

Take into _________ to serve and build him as the Lord and Lady would wish.

Sit and meditate on your good health you desire. Extinguish the candles.

Repeat this every Friday for 7 days, each time moving the red candles closer to the

petitioner candle. On the 7th Friday they should touch the petitioner's candle.

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